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Hi and welcome to The Paw Post Pet Blog

I’m Rachel Spencer from The Paw Post, a dog obsessive and the owner of Daisy, a very cute and cheeky Terrier cross.

The Paw Post came about because as a journalist, I hear so many amazing pet stories.
After years of writing about animals, I decided to create my own pet blog to share them.
Here you’ll find tales about pets who have fascinating lives, and animals who have triumphed against adversity.
There’s interviews with people who make a difference in the pet world.
We’ll be speaking to a range of people from vets and groomers to rescue and welfare campaigners.
You’ll also see news, reviews and fun stuff plus handy things pet owners need to know.
We love checking out the latest technology, trying new gadgets and hearing about anything that enhances the lives of pets.
And we’ll be sharing the adventures of Princess Daisy of course!
15th January 2018

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