My Weekend – Nerf guns, barbecues and pork scratchings!

Cooling off after playing with my dog Nerf gun in a muddy puddle!

We went to see some friends my human has known for a very long time.

I was very excited when I saw where we were because I always get treats.

Straight away, I went into the garden.

I love their garden, there are so so so many smells and places to explore.

Just as I thought it couldn’t get any better, they brought out a thing they called a barbecue.

You put meat on it and it makes it taste really good.

The smell made me go crazy, jumping up and barking while my dad was cooking.

I may have waited a long time for my food but it was totally worth it.

I got three whole sausages and some bits of steak and burgers.

It was the best meal ever! (well one of them)

The next day, I had my breakfast cooked on the barbecue too.

Look, it’s nice sausages and bacon – lucky me hey?

Nice breakfast Daisy!A few months ago, Mum went to Crufts and while she was talking to people, Dad went and got a thing called a Nerf gun.

It’s a magic toy that throws balls really far.

I love chasing balls.

Anyway, we went to a field and there was loads of other dogs and they were watching while my humans Hannah and Millie threw balls with it.

I think they were jealous as I was the only dog with such a cool toy.

I got really hot so I lay down in a muddy puddle.

Everyone was laughing, but I thought it was a lovely way to cool off!

Cooling off after playing with my dog Nerf gun in a muddy puddle!Afterwards, we went to the Red Kite pub.

We met Bella, who is a 14 week old Labrador.

I thought she was really cute and I wanted to take her home with me.

She was fluffy, brown and very playful.

Other dogs there in the pub included a Greyhound crossed with an Alsatian – Dad loved that one.

And there was a big English Sheepdog who was actually a young puppy.

There was a Jack-a-huahua – she looked a little bit like me but with a smaller head.

But the best thing was that my humans got me a bag of pork scratchings. They were EPIC!

It was an AMAZING weekend!


  1. Lucy Carr
    14th July 2017

    So adorable, this website makes all ages chuckle and is suited for everyone. It is very diverse and an informative page.

    1. rachel@thepawpost.co.uk
      14th July 2017

      Thanks Lucy, that’s lovely of you!


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