Happy Howl-o-ween – five ways to enjoy Halloween with your dog

Are you ready for howl-o-ween?

Cats are usually the animals we associate with Halloween but there’s plenty of ways you can celebrate with your dog too.

Our pups are part of the family and there are lots of lovely treats, toys and accessories that you can share with your pet at this time of year.

From pumpkin biscuits to enrichment toys to create a doggy version of trick or treat and eerie but safe accessories for your pet, here’s five ways to have a spooktacular Halloween!

1. Let them munch on pumpkin biscuits

It’s fun to take your dog trick or treating but you can’t expect your neighbours to be prepared with dog biscuits as well as chocolate and treats.

We found these pumpkin biscuits from The Snack Pawtal in the Pet Stop in Newcastle city centre.

They’re home made by Hannah Connelly who decided to create her own range of dog biscuits as her Jack Russell Oscar suffered with skin and food allergies.

The Pumpkin and Cinnamon flavour taste lovely - yes humans can eat them too - and you can buy them online.

The Snack Pawtal biscuits are £2.99 for 150g plus shipping from www.thesnackpawtal.co.uk

Five safe and fun ways to celebrate halloween with your dog

These natural pumpkin biscuits are the pawfect Halloween treat

2. Style them in a spooky collar with matching bowtie

Wuf Love accessories have a spooktacular range of collars, bowties and bandanas in matching patterns.

Choose from collar and tie sets in witches and ghosts print in black or purple, spiderweb in purple or orange and pumpkins and bats in orange or white.

There’s also skull and crossbones ties in black and red or black and white.

Designer Helen Crossley shared this lovely photo of her lurcher, Lucy Annabelle modelling one of the skull collars.

The collars are £15 and the bowties are £5 from www.wuflove.co.uk

Five safe and fun ways to celebrate halloween with your dog

Adorable Lucy Annabelle in her collar

3. Play with a Zoglet enrichment toy

We’re massive fans of Ruffle Snuffle enrichment toys so we were so pleased when founder Sarah sent Patch a Halloween Zoglet!

What is a Zoglet? Well it’s simply a funny looking toy that speaks in squeaks with huge eyes and dogs love them.

The Halloween Trick or Treat edition comes in autumnal colours and has a pocket in the back where you can hide treats.

So your dog can join in the trick or treat celebrations too! They’re handmade of Antipil fleece and machine washable, so your pooch can enjoy them all year round.

The Halloween Trick or Treat Zoglet is £12 from www.rufflesnufflemats.com

Five safe and fun ways to celebrate halloween with your dog

It's a paw up from Patch for the Zoglet!

4. Treat them to a bandana

How cute are these bandanas? They’re from Barks and Squeaks and are reversible, with pumpkins and bats on each side on either a yellow or purple background.

Leo the Border Terrier who is maker Joanna’s dog is modelling his pawfectly here. Bandanas are also helpful at this time of year ahead of fireworks night.

You can put calming essential oils on them to help settle your pet. Find out which ones help with advice from Sam from Hoof To Tail Healing in this article, Ten ways to take away the stress of fireworks. 

Halloween bandanas are £10 for a small or £12 for a medium from www.barksandsqueaks.com

Five safe and fun ways to celebrate halloween with your dog

Leo looking dapper in his spooky bandana

5. Keep them cosy in a Halloween jumper

At B&M they have an affordable range of jumpers with skeletons, witches, pumpkins and cats on and a green and grey striped monster jumper.

They’re perfect for taking pups trick or treating or just to keep them warm as the temperatures plummet.

Patch is modelling the monster one here and it even matches his collar!

Jumpers are a bargain £2.99 to £3.99 from www.bandmretail.com

Five safe and fun ways to celebrate halloween with your dog

Patch models a Monster jumper!

While it’s lovely to make memories with our dogs, we need to keep them safe too

The RSPCA has the following advice for owners:

  • Be careful answering the door to trick or treaters in case your pet escapes and ensure their microchip is up to date.
  • Make sure your dog or cat has somewhere to hide and can get to it at any time in case they’re frightened of fireworks or loud noises.
  • Consider putting up a sign to deter trick or treaters if you have a nervous pet - leave some goodies outside in a bowl if you still want to join in the festivities.
  • Walk dogs in daylight to avoid fireworks and close windows and curtains to muffle the sound of any noise in the evening.
  • Avoid dressing up pets in outfits or costumes as this can cause them stress and restricts them in showing their natural behaviour and how they may be feeling.
  • Keep chocolate and sweets away from pets. Eating them can make them very poorly, and if you’re concerned, contact your vet immediately.

Are you celebrating Howl-o-ween with your pup? We’d love to see your pics so please tag us in any you post on social media!

We’re on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram @thepawpostuk

For more advice on how to keep your pet safe over fireworks season, take a look at Ten ways to care for your pet around Bonfire Night. 

Five safe and fun ways to celebrate halloween with your dog

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  1. Art-Dogs
    30th October 2018

    Nice post 🙂 But most important is that we have to be really carefull and keep an eye on our pets. They can easily get scared or eat something bad for them…


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