Hi I’m Rachel Spencer and I’m the founder of the Paw Post.

I had an idea to launch a pet blog back in 2017.

My day job is as a freelance journalist and content writer and I write about all kinds of things.

But mainly animals, particularly dogs!

This started back in 2009 when this little furry ball of ginger joy came into my life, Daisy, a rescue from Manchester Dogs Home.

Daisy, the inspiration behind the Paw Post Pet Blog.

I took her in for a few weeks to help her owner, my friend Jane, when she had her first baby, and fell in love.

Thank goodness Jane let me keep her!

Pre Daisy, I’d spend my days driving round the country doing interviews for magazines and newspapers.
When she came along, I only had a small window of where I could leave her – and I didn’t want to!

My working life changed and I became a crazy dog lady.

I’d search out stories about dogs, everything from human interest tales like Allison who came home from Skiathos with little Terrier Lucy,  to gritty stories warning about the rise of dogs sold online becoming bait dogs
I was approached by PRs with stories about animals and started writing about the pet industry, trends, gadgets and accessories.
A friend put me in touch with Layla Flaherty at Urban Paws pet casting agency and we’ve shared many fascinating stories about her clients.
Real characters like Rocky the Traveller who has travelled the world  and what’s new in the world of pets, such as the rise of furry influencers!

There was tales I came across every day that I wanted to share.

Things every pet owner should know about from first aid to deadly illnesses like Alabama Rot.

I decided to set up my own pet blog. Because I was the editor, I could write about whatever I wanted.

And the Paw Post Pet Blog was born!

Take a look around and you’ll see articles about special dogs, places to go with your pet, health features and what’s new in the pet world.
I work with charities and rescues, owners who want to share their stories about their remarkable pets and brands looking to raise awareness of their products.
Daisy features a lot, and sadly she crossed over the Rainbow Bridge in April 2018, less than a year after we started this blog.
While she was a senior dog, we didn’t expect to lose her so soon and we are utterly heartbroken.
Daisy changed my life for the better and inspired this blog which has helped other animals, and I feel it’s her legacy and should continue.

You can read Saying Goodbye to our gorgeous Daisy here.

If you’d like to work with us we’d love to chat, so please click here to get in touch.

My first book, Publicity Tips for Pet Businesses is a guide for pet entrepreneurs on how to gain media coverage and you can buy it on Amazon for £12.99.