Pet friendly products we’ve tried and tested in August

We had a bundle of fun join us in August - our lovely Patch

It’s so nice to hear the patter of paws in the house again after losing Daisy earlier this year.

I think she’ll be looking down and giving woofs of approval as Patch is an adorable scamp just like she was.

Since adopting Patch we (well me) have been treating him to new collars, leads and toys and we’ve been kindly sent some lovely goodies too.

So our tried and tested column is back and this month we sharing our experience of the Ruffle Snuffle Challenger Cube, Barks & Squeaks bandana, a Cosy Canine Company dog walking bag and Chuck It Toys.

Ruffle Snuffle Challenger Cube

Enrichment is a word we hear a lot. As well as keeping physically active, our pets need mental stimulation too.

I’m a huge fan of Animal Behaviourist Sarah White’s creations from Ruffle Snuffle. Daisy had an enrichment mat as her needs changed in the later stages of her life.

She wasn’t as active so sniffing out treats from the mat was something she could enjoy.

Did you know 15 minutes of ‘nosework’ is as good for your dog as an hour long walk? Sarah explains to how to start in this video

Anyway, I digress massively.

I wanted something for Patch to use if I needed to nip out as I was worried about him feeling unsettled, so I bought the Challenger Cube.

It’s a cube shape and made of soft felt material. In each of the six sides is three pockets, so 18 places in total to hide treats.

They can throw it, shake it, squash it, or use their teeth, paws and claws to get the treats out.

Patch picks it up in his mouth and holds it in his paws like we would with our hands then picks the treats out with his teeth, or brings it to us to throw.

His squeaky toys get ripped to shreds, but this one has survived! We use it only for enrichment, so once he’s had his treats, it’s put away so I’d recommend that for dogs who like to pull toys apart.

The Challenger Cube is for all breeds, comes in four sizes (Patch has a medium) and is machine washable.

Challenger Cubes cost from £12.00 from rufflesnufflemats.com

Patch from the Paw Post Pet Blog tries out the Ruffle Snuffle Challenger Cube

Patch tries out the Ruffle Snuffle Challenger Cube

Barks and Squeaks bandana

You know how it is when you go out and spot someone wearing the same outfit as you?

Well check out Patch in his new bandana from Barks & Squeaks - he is the coolest dog in the toon!

Founder Joanna set up her brand to design gifts for ‘pet people’ to celebrate the bond we have with our fur pals and this gorgeous doggy bandana was Patch’s welcome gift!

She has ten of her own original designs to choose from including flamingoes, bees, skulls and beer and bikes.

Now Patch has settled we’ve been taking him to meet friends and on doggy days out and adventures - and who doesn’t love their pup looking smart?

This bandana is lovely. You roll it at the top and tie around the neck to fit. The cotton is nice and soft and there are so many different patterns to choose from.

I went for ‘Beer and Bikes’ because Patch’s human dad Tommy usually pulls a face when I talk about dressing him up.

So I figured I’d try something that featured two of his favourite things. I kept it for his daughters Hannah and Millie to open and dress Patch in and it caused much hilarity!

Patch’s bandana is green on one side and blue on the other. Each side has the Beer and Bike pattern and it fits over his harness and collar.

The bandanas aren’t just for dogs either - Joanna has cool cat customers too and makes an amazing range of statement caps for all our furry friends.

Barks & Squeaks bandanas from £8 from barksandsqueaks.com


Patch modelling a Barks and Squeaks Bandana

Patch showing off the blue side

Patch modelling a Barks and Squeaks Bandana

And the green side!

Cosy Canine Company dog walking bag and poop bag holder

I don’t like fumbling around in my pockets for poo bags and treats so this bag is perfect.

I had one for Daisy and it’s in her memory box so when we adopted Patch, I ordered one with his name on but in grey - Daisy’s was navy.

They are brilliant. They’re made of oilskin so you can wipe them clean and take them out in any weather.

We go to the beach a lot so this is great. I don’t want to be getting sand in my Mulberry (honestly I do have one!)

There’s lots of space in there. I usually have a water bottle with a tray (I use a small one from Pets at Home), a tub of treats, my purse, phone, a ball and occasionally my actual camera and there’s plenty of room.

The best bit is that it has a poo bag dispenser at the front. Now my non-doggy friends scoff at this, but you don’t want to be caught without them do you?

Having it on the front means you check you have enough each time you go out. Finally, there’s a back pocket with a press stud on to keep your phone secure.

I absolutely love this bag and everyone remarks on Patch’s handbag! It’s fab that it’s personalised - a lovely touch!

Finally, thanks to Lottie who sent us a personalised poop bag holder too.

My boyfriend Tommy is a proper Geordie bloke who wouldn’t carry a handbag, but he can take this out in his pocket! It clips on leads or belts too.

I have the grey polka dot pattern but there’s loads of others to choose from, including a Labrador print and a Scotty dog print.

Cosy Canine Company Dog Walking bag from £39.99 and personalised Poop Bag carrier £14.95 from thecosycaninecompany.co.uk

Patch's personalised bag and poop bag holder from the Cosy Canine Company

Patch's personalised bag and poop bag holder!

Chuck It ball launcher and Tug Toy

The Chuck It launcher and ball was one of Daisy’s favourite toys - we still have the original ball that came with the launcher about three years ago in her memory box.

So when the UK team asked if they could send some treats for Patch we were very excited to try the Ultra Grip Ball Launcher and Ultra Duo Tug Toy.

I’ve scrimped before and bought cheap launchers but this does make a difference and sends the ball further - great for young and active dogs.

The balls are brilliant too. They’re made of rubber with a squashy feel and are hard wearing and durable and last for years whereas normal tennis balls can fall apart.

In bright blue and orange, they’re easy to spot and are ‘high bounce’ which pups love.

The ‘tug toy’ is two Chuck It balls joined together with a nylon strap, so you can either play tug with them yourself or with two dogs.

As Patch has only recently come to stay we’ve just been playing with this rather than having another dog involved (I know I sound ridiculously over protective).

You can throw the balls too, so he loves fetching it, bringing it back to you, then trying to keep it, then having it thrown for him again and having a chew on the strap - although he's not supposed to do that! 

Ultra Grip Ball Launcher and Ultra Duo Tug Toy. Prices vary but to find a stockist near you, visit chuckit-toys.co.uk

Chuck It Tug Toy review by the Paw Post Pet Blog

Patch and his Tug Toy

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* We are unable to review pet food. Our doggy reviewers are each on a set diet and we feel it is unfair to switch their foods, but they are very yappy to try treats!

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