Can you help Liz find her English Bull Terriers a new home?

Liz Haslam with bait dogs Della and Dotty. She needs help finding a new home to house her 16 rescue dogs.

Liz Haslam runs Beds For Bullies, a rescue for English Bull Terriers and has helped thousands of dogs find homes.

She lives in Thetford, Norfolk with 16 rescue Bullies and runs a boarding kennel to help pay for their care.
Her landlord is looking to redevelop the site and Liz is desperate for people to help find a new home for herself and the dogs.
“I would love to hear from anyone who can help me find either a home or some land where I could live in a mobile home," she said.
“I need space to put up the boarding kennels and somewhere for myself and the 16 Bull Terriers to sleep and keep warm.

“It’s hard to admit this as I am proud, but I have been struggling over the last year or so.
“We had no oil for the heating or wood for the fire and I had to burn my wardrobe and a chair to keep us warm.
“I fear the same will happen this winter. If we have nowhere to live I'm terrified they may have be put to sleep.”




Boudicca, one of the many dogs rescued by Liz Haslam of Beds for Bullies.


Liz is so dedicated and goes above and beyond to help animals.

We first spoke three years ago while I was investigating bait dogs when she shared the heartbreaking story of Della and Dotty.
They’d suffered horrific injuries after being used in sickening dog fights. Della was dumped outside a nursing home and Dotty in a coal shed.
Liz lovingly nursed them back to health. Della is now 13 and Dotty is six, and healthy and happy. You can read their story here.
Because of the remarkable work she did, police also re-homed another bait dog Etta, three, with Liz last year.

Della the bait dog when she first came to Beds for Bullies.

Della when she was found

Della the bait dog from Beds for Bullies is now healthy and happy.

Della now

Dotty the bait dog has had a happy life thanks to Beds for Bullies.



Liz also cares for Eric, six, who she rescued from Turkey. He had been shot in the head and was found running round a refugee camp.
He still has bullets in his face and needs hundreds of pounds of surgery to rebuild his jaw.
Dave, a recent arrival from Italy, was shot in the face and had his tail chopped off and had been living in a van for months.
These photos may be distressing but they show the amazing work she does.

Eric was shot in the face and found running helplessly around a refugee camp.

Eric before

Eric was shot in the face and found running helplessly around a refugee camp.

Eric now

Dave was living in a car in Italy. He'd been shot in the head and now is healthy and happy with Liz Haslam.

Dave before

Dave now

There’s Niamh, four, rescued from France. She was about to be put to sleep after being born with disconnected bones in her front leg.
Ernie, now four, came to Liz when he was just four weeks old. He’d been dumped by the side of a bin in the hope he'd be thrown away like rubbish.
He needed a hernia operation and Liz bottle fed him back to health.
Boudicca, now four, had her leg amputated when she was just ten days old.
As it was removed so early, her other leg couldn’t form properly, but thanks to Liz taking her for hydrotherapy it’s strong again.
Little Widget, eight, is a Bullie and Jack Russell cross. He was a stray who found his way to Liz after he saved a drunk man from drowning in a river.

Niamh and Enid


Widget from Beds for Bullies.


Molly, five, is deaf and lost her eye due to an ulcer. Liz took her from Manchester Dog’s Home after the devastating fire in 2014.
Molly loves Betty, three, who has also lost an eye and was rescued from a stables.
Liz has two more deaf dogs, Dodger, eight, mini EBT Enid, two, and Sheila, two, who she rescued from France who needs surgery on her hip.
Her oldest Bullie, is Pixie, aged 17, and finally, her guard dog is feisty Skye, seven, who came to Liz as her owners couldn’t care for her.

Molly - Liz took her from Manchester Dog’s Home after the devastating fire in 2014.


Pixie, the oldest at Beds for Bullies, aged 17.


Skye, one of the many dogs rescued by Liz at Beds for Bullies.


Amazingly, Liz also takes in foster dogs before they go to their forever homes, but her 16 can only live with her.
She explained: “They have had difficult lives and aren’t in good health so I must care for them. It is expensive though and I have struggled.
“My vets at Swayne and Partners are amazing as are the Animal Health Trust in Newmarket, and wherever I go must be near them.
“It needs to be somewhere remote where I can put up my boarding kennels, so the dogs can settle.
“We are very short of funds, and I have 25 dogs to care for so any help would be amazing, whether it’s a tin of food or a suggestion of some land where we could relocate.
“I just want to be able to help the dogs and give them a happy life.”
To help Liz, you can donate via PayPal.
Her e mail is
Or visit her JustGiving page here
To buy food and blankets, you can visit her Amazon Wishlist here
If you’d like to contact Liz you can do so via her website at or find her on Facebook on Twitter on Instagram

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  1. Jasmin payne
    2nd September 2017

    I can take. Any bitch in if spayed and will get on with my 6, 4 jacks 1 staffie, 1 Dalmatians

      2nd September 2017

      Thanks so much for getting in touch Jasmin.
      You can contact Liz through her website and it’s great to follow her on her social media pages.
      Facebook is best for appeals for homes.
      Thank you for commenting and for your kindness towards the dogs. xx

      1. ben h
        8th December 2017

        how do i contact her ?

  2. […] This time though, time was of the essence so I shared the story on my blog, you can read it here. […]

  3. K Jennings
    3rd February 2018

    I think if all the Bully lovers -set up a standing order for £1 per month for this cause -it must help ??

      18th February 2018

      This would be amazing! I hope Liz can find a new home for them, it is such a good rescue and the team are amazing.

  4. Adam Dutton
    23rd February 2018

    How do i enquiry about more info

      25th February 2018

      Hello Adam, thanks for commenting, the best thing to do is to go to the Beds for Bullies website, it’s or to their Facebook page which is here and speak to them about what you are looking for. They rehome dogs from all over the country, in fact the world, so it’s a good idea to follow them and the right Bully may find you! Please let me know if they do! Rachel

  5. Bo boland
    2nd March 2018

    You are by far the kindest, strongest, most instinctively unselfish woman i have come across in a very, very long time. Admiration rushed from every part of my soul seeing those beat up beautiful, gentle, loyal dogs.
    Peace and love and strength and good luck. Humbly yours boboland

      2nd March 2018

      She is a remarkable lady isn’t she, thanks for commenting.

  6. Eve
    20th March 2018

    I have a just set up a monthly donation of £5. I hope she is successful in finding somewhere.

      20th March 2018

      Ah that’s such a lovely thing to do Eve – thank you for reading and for being so kind. xx

  7. Karen peedell
    6th March 2019

    Would love to give a male a home, weve6 just lost our bully to kidney disease,

      7th March 2019

      I’m so sorry to hear this. Thinking of you and your family. If you go to and contact Liz and her team they will explain the adoption process for when you are ready to welcome another dog. Take care. xx


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